Apr 11, 2016

What’s the largest capacity hard drive that will work with a PS4?

I replaced the original 500Gb HDD with a 1TB drive, but with the large installed size of PS4 games, I’m already down to about 200Gb even after erasing lot’s of downloaded games. I rather not repeat this replacement process again, so I’d like to install the largest HDD that the PS4 will work with the PS4. I know some people have put up to 6TB drives in their PS4, but have experienced problems, especially with standby mode. I don’t want to create problem, I just want more storage capacity. How large of a hard drive will the PS4 support?
I haven't been able to confirm it personally, but apparently the 3.50 update resolves the standby problem that people were experiencing with drives larger than 2TB. I've read in forums that people who have 4TB drives installed are able to use standby mode now. The problem is finding a 4TB drive that will fit. Not only does it need to be a 2.5" drive, it has to be 9.5mm thick or less to fit. You could always just leave the cover off, I guess, but that would look terrible.
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