Apr 10, 2016

How can I find out if someone is using my data from a different cell phone and/or are able to read my text messages?

The only way someone can use your data is if they have cloned your SIM, which is insanely unlikely unless you happen to be a famous, infamous, or suspicious person. Or if you have a shared data plan which, as (I'm assuming) you are the person paying the bill, you'd know.

As for reading your text messages, that's a whole new ball of yarn. There are pieces of mobile malware out there, common for both iPhone and Android, which can do this. If you happen to have a parentally supervised account on iPhone, I believe that the person who is "parent" can check this. Many BYOD (bring your own device) companies have software that they put on devices to monitor them that give a shocking amount of access. Simply put, someone could be accessing your device many ways. The best way to mitigate this is to use a lock (fingerprint, passcode) on your device, and to only allow people you know and trust to use it. If you believe it may be happening, then do a factory reset, only install apps from the App Store/Play Store, and use a screen lock with a NEW password or a fingerprint (no 4-digit code, it's weak).
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