Apr 08, 2016

Should there be a law to force tech companies to help law enforcement break into encrypted devices?

There is a new bill in congress that would legally require tech companies to help the government unlock encrypted devices when asked. I understand that there may be occasions when evidence is on an encrypted smartphone, but is this the right way to handle the issue? Should companies like Apple and Google be forced by law to break into encrypted devices when the government demands that they do so?
No law is necessary, as your data is automatically backed up to the cloud. Thanks for playing! :)
No. If they allow a backdoor into encryption algorithms, there's no guarantee that it won't be used for malicious purpose, by the government, or anyone else. It would weaken or destroy the ability to protect information, be it for good or bad.
No. The law would make everyone's' devices less secure, with little evidence to back up claims that it would increase public safety. One of the best comparaisons to forcing companies to leave backdoors for law enforcement is that it is like putting a great security system in your house, then leaving a key that unlocks EVERYONE'S home under your doormat.
It's defiantly a controversial issue, from my understanding the bill hasn't passed yet. In my option it will be tough for tech companies to comply with such a request, and could dramatically change the landscape of what gets stored and how personal devices are used in the future.
On a different hand, why should an encrypted device be treated any differently then say your house which could be a subject to a search warrant.
PCWorld has an article that covers some thoughts on the issue from the industry. http://www.pcworld.com/article/3053879/security/proposed-us-law-would-require-tech-companies-to-help-defeat-encryption.html
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