Apr 08, 2016

How to make sure my Lenovo Medion E5004 hasn't been modified to spy on me?

I know my lenovo medion E5004 has been hacked by someone using the same router as me. How can i get my phones firmware or binary what they have customized to spy on what i am doing, back to the original one. Is there anyone who can do it for me.

Changes have been made in order to access my phone on a windows 10 desktop.

Data is massive and I very rarely go on the internet.

Battery usuage shows apps that consume alot of power and I've not used any.

The applications what av been modified by the hacker all have the same date which is actually before original was even released.

Has altered my phone so aeroplane, WiFi direct, NFC and USB OTG or OTA are active but yet don't show up on device.

Sim network keeps being swapped so I was to believe it was the network being runbish , because messages didn't arrive or where very delayed.

Contacts keep being deleted.

Phones screen keeps flashing.

Chrome devices show this device and another device called my phones name as active with two different historys. I've saved loads of logs and screenshots.
Backup your data and reset your phone to factory defaults, this will restore your phone to it's initial state. Password protect it and encrypt going forward. Also I would recommend changing your router password, and maybe adding some additional security layers, so this doesn't happen again.
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