Apr 06, 2016

What's the best keyboard app for Android phones?

There are so many keyboard apps on the Google Play store that it's hard to know which to choose without trying a lot of different apps. Are there any standout keyboards that I should try in addition to the default Android keyboard?
I think you must use Google Keyboard. Its very nice. You can down APK file: http://fullapkdownload.com/Full_Google-Keyboard_APK.html

Ditto SwiftKey. Works better for me than samsung keyboard. Better prediction and autocorrect logic. More customizable. Better learning g logic.
I would also recommend SwiftKey. Microsoft now owns it, and are making constant improvements to it all the time.
Honestly, I like the stock Android keyboard best. Swiftkey and Swype are also good, but I find the improvements to the stock keyboard over the years has made it their equal. I also find it to be a little smoother than Swiftkey, which used to lag occasionally when I used to use it (although that was a year or so ago, so that may be improved now).
Try SwiftKey, it's considered on of the top keyboard apps on the market. Greenbot has a list of some top choices that they compared.
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