Apr 05, 2016

Should I buy a PS4 or Xbox One in 2016?

I’ve played games for a long time, on a lot of different systems, but I haven’t had much spare time to play games until recently. My first system was an Atari 2600, in fact, so I don’t have an overdeveloped sense of brand loyalty. So, putting aside any “fan boy” preferences which system is the winner in the 2016 Sony Playstation 4 vs. Microsoft’s Xbox One console battle, ?
Both system go pretty much side by side, so it's a metter of preference. Take a look at the type of games you prefer and see if some of the exclusive games lean you one way or the other. Also if you play mmo games then check which console your friends have in order to be able to have access to the same games or be placed on the same servers.
Here are a couple of link for side by side comparisons between two systems:
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