Apr 04, 2016

How to stop my teenager from texting and driving?

My daughter is just starting driving, and I’m concerned about the potential risk of her texting on her iPhone while driving. My own mother was killed in a car accident well before texting became an option, so I’m very aware of the everyday dangers of driving. Of course, I can always ask her to promise not to text and drive, but let’s be honest; it’s pretty easy for a kid to give into temptation and text “just this once” while driving. Other than asking her not to do it, what’s the best way to stop my teen from texting and driving.
Positive incentives are really important here, and most teens prefer an app that is fun or seemingly less 'controlling'. With the freedom of driving comes the responsibility, and a tool to block notifications will keep them from straying from what they know is right. Check out this one: www.text.ninja
There are a number off apps you can use to block texting while driving, most detect a preset speed and block the texting feature for the duration of the trip. You'll find that some apps require a hardware component, while others might ask for the cellphone user to indicate the start of the trip, then there other apps that would send you notifications on your daughter's cell activity during motion.

Take a look at the links below for some of those suggestions:
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