Mar 30, 2016

What are and

I was on the LA Times website when a warning popped up that my version of Chrome was out of date and I had to update to view the website. I couldn’t go back to the page I had been on, and ended up closing the window and navigating back to the Times website, where. I also saw a URL. There was an update link, but it seemed strange to have a google update notification like this, so I ignored it. Was this a legitimate link?
You have to UPDATE each of your programs! Don't put yourself at the risk of malware! As people from 2-spyware claim, there is a huge possibility to get infected with viruses when using web browser, which is out of date. You should bookmark this page:
An article I ran across explains what it is, they also have the steps to remove those if needed.
" is a harmful website which is created by the cyber crook to make profits by generating web traffics and promoting fake software. After getting into your system, will change the system’s essential settings including DNS settings and default browser’s settings on Google Chrome. When you open the browser, webpage can pop up and hijack your browser webage and redirect you to its webpage."
Right. If anyone comes across this redirect, make sure to close the browser windows and DO NOT CLICK on anything.
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