Mar 28, 2016

What is typosquatting?

What does the term “typosquatting” mean and how is it related to online security?
Typosquatting is also known as URL hijacking and its purpose is to direct you to a domain that is spelled similarly to what you meant to type in. Common misspellings include:

Publicliy Traded

Web Develpoment

Exemples of Weaknesses

It's when someone buys domain names that look like the URLs of major websites, but are actually misspellings. For example, if you mistype Google as "gooogle," you might end up at a typesquater site. You generally want to stay away from these sites, since most of them are scammers or spammers
Typosquatting refers to URL hijacking, where fake sites are setup in hopes that someone will incorrectly spell a legitimate site and will reach the fake site. For example or might be used for typosquatting.
This technique can be used to hijack some of the traffic from the intended webpage. Alternatively the fake website might look very similar to the real one and exploit you for personal information (such as an online banking site).
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