Mar 28, 2016

How to save locations on Google Maps mobile?

Save a place right from Maps
1.Open Google Maps and make sure you're signed in to your Google Account.
2.Click or search for a business, place, or a set of latitude and longitude coordinates.
3.Click Save (Star) .

Save a place from another website

You can save places to your Google Maps from Google Maps on other websites.
1.Open the website with a map embedded from Google Maps.
2.To see a place's information, click a place on the map.
3.Click Save (Star) .

Your star and the website name will appear on your desktop and mobile Google Maps.

Find a saved place
1.Open Google Maps.
2.In the search box, start typing the name of the place you've saved.
3.Choose the search suggestion for the place.

Note: To see saved places while searching, you need to turn on Web & App Activity.
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