Mar 25, 2016

How to stop PS4 from ejecting discs while it is turned off?

I have a launch version PS4 (the one with the shiny cover over the HDD), and it sometimes ejects the disc in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. This also happens occasionally at other times, but most commonly I wake up to my PS4 beeping repeated and ejecting any disc I left inside. What can I do to stop this? It’s really annoying, and of course my PS4 is out of warranty, so it would cost over $100 to get it looked at by Sony.
I've had this problem from time to time, as have some other PS4 owners I know. I'm pretty sure that the cause of my problems was static electricity causing the capacitive eject button to activate. Turning it off and unplugging the system for 30 seconds or so AND touching the eject and power buttons while unplugged usually solves this problem for me, but twice I've had to adjust the screw that manually ejects the disc. If you need instructions on how to adjust the screw, Sveta's link covers it, but basically you just need to take off the HDD cover and gently tighten the little screw that is to the left of the drive. It's down pretty low and can be hard to see without a flashlight.
That's a common issue that can usually be fixed by trying a few things. Try resetting you PS4 by unplugging it for a minute, update firmware, and tighten the screw for the manual ejection.

The article below has instructions for all of those fixes.
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