Mar 24, 2016

My ex has access to my phone and Google account. How can I stop this?

Wipe your phone as an application is probably present allowing him to spy on you.
That is good advise be aware that if someone can access your recovery email address (if you have one) they can gain access to your Google account after you change your password by claiming they have forgotten the password. They could then use details sent to your recovery email address to reset your Google password and lock you out of both accounts by changing all security and recovery details on any accounts they can access. If they do this it will be very difficult to get regain your accounts.
Log in to your Google account and change the password immediately. Make sure it's something that only you will know (no birthdates, pet names, etc.). Enable 2-factor authentication for your Google account. This will make it much harder for anyone to access it, even with the password. You might also want to change the passwords to all of your accounts/websites.

Instructions on how to enable 2-factor authentication can be found here:
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