Mar 21, 2016

How to hide unwanted app icons on iPhone?

How can I get rid of the icons for those preinstalled apps that I don’t want or need, but can’t be deleted?
Macworld has the walkthrough on the new trick for iOS 9 with hiding the apps as well as some additional workarounds.

"1. Tap and hold on the icon of the app you want to hide until it, and all the other app icons, start shaking. You're now in Edit Mode, which allows you to drag icons into new positions, or delete them by tapping the grey cross. (If it's a preinstalled app, unfortunately, there won't be a grey cross.)

2. The unwanted app needs to be in a folder. If it isn't in one already, drag its icon into a folder. If you haven't got any folders, just drag the icon on top of another one, and wait for a folder to be created.

(The trick will take longer if the folder contains a lot of apps spread across multiple pages, so it might be easiest to create a new folder which just contains the apps you want to hide. In our example we're using a folder which contains nine Apple apps, all sitting on the first page.)

3. Now go into the folder containing the unwanted app(s). Again, using Edit Mode, drag its icon to the righthand edge of the folder and wait until you're taken to the next page of the folder. Continue doing this until you get to the first empty page of the folder: in many cases, including our example, this will be a newly created second page.

4. Release your finger so that the icon settles in the top-left position of that page, on its own. We now have eight icons on the first page, and one on the second.

We're doing this on an iPhone 6s Plus in landscape mode to make it easier to see what's happening, but if you're in portrait mode, or using a non-Plus iPhone which hasn't got a landscape mode, it'll look slightly different - you'll only see one page of the folder at a time, for one thing.

5. Now repeat step 3: drag the icon to the righthand edge of the folder, and wait for iOS to create yet another page for the icon to sit on - in our case this would theoretically leave us with eight icons on page 1, a blank page 2, and a single icon on page 3. But this time, instead of removing your finger and letting the icon land on its new page, press the Home button while continuing to hold your finger down. The icon will fly off to the top left.


6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each app you want to hide; once you've made all the apps in the folder vanish, it will disappear too."
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