Mar 21, 2016

How can I bypass google verification for LG K7 on Metro PCS?

I have tried doing this 3 times and i really need this phone and it isnt working.
How to bypass the verify your google account
I was able to get it chrome and downlod the bypass application. But i cant install it😳
How were u able to get on chrome? I need help plss thanks
I turned on the talk bqck and then swiped. A L which made the setting and then shut it off by holding lock button and then holding to fingers on the screen after i put privacy settings and chrome opened reply plz if u find a way to install
So how did u access the setting on talkback because mine is blank and i can't access the settings :/
I turned on talkback and drew a L on the screen a d it shouldve gave u options then u click talkbwck settings after u can hold lock button and hold two fingers on the screen
I just turned on talk back and drew a L on the screen and it should pop up
BROO i found a way !!!
Step 1. 0:09 Connect to Wi-Fi
Step 2. 1:18 Go to Accessibility menu, select Motor and Cognition and turn on Touch Assistant.
Step 3. 1:24 Long press the Home menu to turn on Google now
Step 4. 1:35 Search keyword "Settings" in PHONE
Step 5. 1:46 Open Apps. Swipe left to get to ALL apps on phone
Step 6: 2:02 Search for "Setup Wizard" and disable. Restart phone.
Step 7. Once phone restarts it will start up normally and reset phone through Settings menu one more time.

Hopefully this helped :DDD
Brooooo thanks like your the true og😊like fr nice shit thx again so much
It don't work for me help pix 😭😭😭
Help me bro plz
Nvm it finally πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜Š mane thanks so much, for the people thats reading this if you did it and didn't work the first time try again and it will work 😊
Thank you so much. This worked the first time and after spending so much time on you tube and other forums. I was about to give up.
helpful thanks
I have tried doing this 3 times and i really need this phone and it isnt working.
Need help with open apps
There's a walkthrough for an older version that might work.
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