Mar 16, 2016

How to check my website for broken links?

I’ve been tasked with tidying up my company's website, which has been pretty much ignored for at least the past year. Two of the main issues are deleting spam posts and getting rid of broken links. I’ve got the spam under control, but is there a way to test for broken links on a site instead of going through and checking each link manually?
Hi, I've been using this tool. I think it's nice.
small seo tools is the website from where you can check all the information about your website.
Ahrefs has a small tool to check out the broken links. If you have Scrapebox, there is also a free plug in for that
There are companies that offer paid services such as Link-Alarm and SEMRush that will automatically check for broken links and report the results. It might be worth paying, depending on how large your site it. Links:

There's a number of tools you can use for url validation. Some are more in depth then others while others are easier to set up and configure. Take a look at the article below which covers a few of the popular options.
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