Mar 15, 2016

Will putting a hard drive in a freezer work to let me get data off of a failed hard drive?

I’ve heard about using the “freezer trick” to save a failing hard drive. Does this actually work?
Hi Hoppinjhon,

Now days freezing hard drive is just a waste of time, there is no point to freeze hard drive to make it working. I would suggest you to read this article . I believe it hold all information which can help you out!!
The chances of freezing the drive working are very small. This only worked on old hard drives, nothing from the last few years. Freezing could only help if the issue is hardware related more specifically problems with the HD spindle. From personal experience, the amount of time you might get to get the data off is very small could be a few minutes, but I did make it work once. If you are planning to get the data back by giving the drive to a data recovery specialist, don't freeze it, it might completely kill the drive. However if you do decide to give it a try, put the drive in a zip lock bag and seal it, also you'll need to freeze it for at least 12hr.
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