Mar 15, 2016

Should I throw my PS3 to the trash ?

Hello everyone,

I have an issue with my ps3 and I need some advice please. There is some heavy pixelation/mosquito noise with dark background scenes during bluray playback. There is no pixelation with bright scenes. It looks like the artefacts seen in heavy compressed videos.

I have tried with animation/cgi, so it’s not movie grain.

My TV is Samsung JS9000, the image is perfect with my computer connected to the same TV with HDMI. I keep the same TV settings for my ps3 and my computer.

I use HDMI cable, and I have tried to switch it with the one from my computer, same result. The pixelation don’t dance when paused, so I don’t think it comes from the cables or the power socket.

It’s the big ps3, not the slim model, I have never tried any bluray movies before. The games look fine.

I have mess up with every settings from the TV and the ps3, I have restored the PS3, it won’t change anything at all and I still get those ugly pixels with dark background scenes.

I think the issue comes from the ps3 itself. I don’t know if the problem comes from the hardware or the software.

Should I buy a bluray player (I don’t play anymore) ?

Thanks in advance.
Let's see. You have tried different HDMI cables with the same result, so it's not that. As Sveta suggested, I would try the PS3 with a different display. I once had an older, low end RCA LED TV, but a Samsung JS9000 is pretty much top of the line, so I'd be surprised if it's the culprit. Still, unless you try it with a different display, you can't rule it out.

I would also try calibrating the display. You can find a guide with files for burning a calibration disc here:

The older "fat" PS3s did have some issues with overheating, and it is possible that your GPU is causing the problem. Still, you could probably sell it if it is a working fat model for as much as a new blu ray player costs. I'd be honest about the bluray playback issue though.
Have you tried a different bluray player with you setup, or connecting your ps3 to another display?
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