Mar 15, 2016

Should Apple break iPhone encryption for the FBI?

This is a pretty heated issue right now, and I’m not sure which side is right. Should Apple refuse the government's request to disable security features so that the FBI can search suspects’ iPhones, or should they do what the FBI is asking them to do?
Apple should be applauded for continuing to resist the government's demand.

I think Apple's CEO Tim Cook addressed this issue very succinctly when he said, "No one should have a key that turns a billion locks." This includes the FBI, in my opinion.

More of Cook's comments on this subject:

“I know everybody wants to paint it as privacy versus security, as if you can give up one and get more of the other,” Cook said. “I think it’s very simplistic and incorrect. I don’t see it that way at all.”

Cook believes that when you view it as an either-or issue, you’re saying that we have to trade privacy for security. And if we do that, then you may have stopped one bad guy, but “you’ve exposed 99 percent of good people.”

“I think it’s privacy and security or privacy and safety versus security,” he added. “It’s not that people’s wellbeing, their physical wellbeing is not a part of privacy. It is. It very much is.”

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