Mar 10, 2016

What download speed is needed for the average home user?

Republicans in Congress attacked the FCC for establishing 25Gbps as the minimum “broadband internet” speed. Some of their points were that the average person needs far less and the required speed should not be as high:

"Looking at the market for broadband applications, we are aware of few applications that require download speeds of 25 Mbps," the senators wrote. "Netflix, for example, recommends a download speed of 5 Mbps to receive high-definition streaming video, and Amazon recommends a speed of 3.5 Mbps."

The letter was signed by Republican Sens. Steve Daines (Mont.), Roger Wicker (Miss.), Roy Blunt (Mo.), Deb Fischer (Neb.), Ron Johnson (Wis.) and Cory Gardner (Colo.).

Clearly, these Senators are not taking into account those of us with more than one person in their home that might be online at the same time, but what is a reasonable speed for residential internet connections?
It really depends on what you and the rest of the people in your household do on the web. If you're simply web surfing you don't need much and a couple of Mbps is sufficient, but if you stream, play multiplayer online games or torrent anything than the 5 Mbps might be a tad low.

FCC has a guide suggesting the minimal speed needed for different type of activities.
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