Mar 08, 2016

How many CPU cores do you need for DirectX 12 gaming?

How many CPU cores are necessary for DirectX 12 gaming?
The more the merrier...PCWorld posted detailed findings on this, here's what the say:

"In many ways, the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark validates my tests of five months ago: With DirectX 12, the more CPU cores, the better. But unlike that early March preview of DX12, clock speeds also seemed to help with the Ashes of the Singularity benchmark. Going from four cores at 1.7GHz to four cores at 3.9GHz gives you a nice bump from 36 fps to 51 fps.

That’s very significant.

Contrast that with what happened in my earlier 3DMark DirectX 12 feature test. I simulated a Pentium G3258 with two cores and no Hyper-Threading running overclocked at 4.9GHz. The result in 3DMark was only slightly faster than when I simulated a 3.5GHz Core i3-4330 with two cores and Hyper-Threading turned on. In the synthetic 3DMark, Hyper-Threading made big contributions to performance. You can read the original story or just peep this chart of my 3DMark testing."
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