Mar 07, 2016

How to protect Macs from ransomware?

It looks like ransomware has become an issue for Mac owners. What do you need to do to protect your Mac against ransomware?

Pop up ads are not used to spread Mac ransomware. However, malicious emails have been playing an important role when spreading such viruses, so make sure that you stay away from them.
How could you spot the malicious email message among the legitimate ones? First of all, you should check the sender. If you don't know him/her, you should ignore the email message or, if you are still curious about it, contact the sender and ask about the email. Secondly, make sure you read the email body carefully and look for grammar/spelling mistakes. The most of malicious email messages are filled with them, so you should definitely ignore the ones that are written with mistakes. Finally, check the attachment before downloading it to your computer.
If you are using Transmission BitTorrent client, which had been the main source of the recent ransomware spread make sure to update it to the current version.

Take a look at the articles below for info on how to check if you have the ransomware, steps you need to take to remove it and additional protection advice:
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