Mar 02, 2016

What’s the best way to share a large file on an Android device?

I’m lucky enough to have an Android phone that has a large amount of storage (64GB). The downside of this is that I have some pretty large files that I can’t share through email because of size limitations. There are some video files that I have that are in the 600-800MB range, for example...far too large to email. With email not being an option, what’s the easiest way to share large files with an Android device?
Cloud service is the best way to share large files and that's the reason to build such a service. Famous ones including Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,etc... All of them have android apps from Play Store
I personally use Google Drive to share large files. From a recent article on Greenbot:

"First, find the file you want to send and use the share menu to send it to Drive. You’ll get to pick the folder, so make a note of where you send it. You can let the upload happen in the background, then open the Drive app and go to the info panel for the file. Tap “Share link” and you have the option of sending the link via any messaging app on your phone or simply copying it to the clipboard.

If you want to stop sharing the file at any time, just head back to the info panel and scroll down to the “Who has access” header. Turn Link Sharing off and the link will go dead. Alternatively, just delete it."

That same article offers a few other suggestions: Infinite, Pushbullet and Superbeam.

You can upload the files into any cloud service and share those out. Try Google Drive, dropbox, or box.
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