Nov 21, 2011

How do I close apps in Windows 8?


Easiest way to close windows 8 apps is to use the key combination :  Alt + F4


You should Move your cursor to the top left corner !! Minimized App's will be displayed ... Then right-click on that and click CLOSE :) :) That'z It !!


there's a two way to close app on windows 8. 1st one is right click on task bar and click on task manager

and you'll see app list and then right click on a app and chose end task.

2nd and the best is move your mouse to the down left corner and then move a little up and you'll see app list on the left side and right click on a app and chose close app :) hope u guy enjoy :)

Sorry for my bad english :)


If you are asking about the Windows 8 Apps , Put your mouse to the top of the screen and when it changes to a hand press the left mouse button and drag the App to the bottom of the screen. That will close the App.

Hi Beatrix,

Try using the Task Manager to close the applications in Windows 8. That should do it for you. You can right click the taskbar and then click Start Task Manager.
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