Feb 22, 2016

When should I use a VPN?

First of all, I’m not someone who pirates movies. music or games, so that’s not my concern. I’m curious about when “normal” people use VPNs, and whether there is any reason for me to use a VPN in my daily life.
I think that the greatest use of VPNs is for people who live in countries with repressive governments that restrict access to online information and/or prosecute people for their online speech. It's not only places like Iran or Saudi Arabia that do this, people have been charged and convicted of crimes for insulting the king of Thailand and the president of Turkey.
You don't need to use VPN unless it is required to access recourses such as applications, shared drives, or some other internal recourses that for example your employer or client needs to grant you access to. VPN provides a secure tunnel to a private internal network. Many companies utilizes VPN in order to allow their employees to work remotely.
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