Feb 22, 2016

How can I change the Text to Speech voice on my Mac?

Can I change the voice that reads texts aloud when using Text to Speech? I’d like to try a female voice, for example, instead of the current male voice.
More from the article Sveta linked to:
"The voice you’ll be hearing is the one you set in System Preferences > Dictation & Speech > Text to Speech. On this screen, you’ll find a number of different male and female voices. You can add more by selecting Customize. You’re also able to change the speaking rate, but you’ll need an app like Dictater if you want better control over the feature."
Macworld has an article on changing the voice to the 6 preloaded voices, as well as adding additonal ones "...in the Text to Speech tab of the Speech system preference, click on the System Voice pop-up menu. You’ll see the voices, divided by gender. (In Lion, the female voices are listed first. In Snow Leopard, the male voices are first.) To see what each one sounds like, select it, and then click the Play button. You can use the slider bar to adjust the Speaking Rate.

If you like one of the six voices, select it, adjust the Speaking Rate (if you want), close the window, and you’re done. If you aren’t satisfied with one of the six, you can add more voices."
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