Feb 20, 2016

How do I safely clean a dirty PC?

How can I safely clean a desktop PC that is full of dust and dirt? I opened up a PC that has been sitting on the floor for the past couple of years and it is filthy - pretty much all of the components are covered with dirt.
PCWorld has a guide that you might find useful:

"I like to keep canned air, a small (about 1-inch-wide) paintbrush, and a Dustbuster or similar small vacuum on hand. In addition, some paper towels and a bit of all-purpose spray cleaner (like Fantastik or Simple Green) are useful, as are a microfiber cloth, a tube of good thermal paste, and some isopropyl alcohol.

The canned air and brush are useful for dislodging hair, dust and other debris from all of your PC’s surfaces—especially heatsinks and printed circuit boards (PCBs), which have a countless tiny nooks and crannies. The vacuum sucks up the various detritus. The paper towels, spray cleaner, and microfiber cloth are for wiping down hard, nonelectrical surfaces. And the thermal paste and isopropyl alcohol come into play if and when you need to reseat heatsinks."
You can clean it with compressed air, you can by a compressed air can online or in stores like Stapes or BestBuy
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