Feb 16, 2016

Word file Corrupted - unable to recover?

Hi, we've got a word file on a USB memory stick which has been corrupted beyond Words ability to recover.
The file is about 13Mb, and opens to display a page full of squares!
Opening in other programs such as notepad/wordpad/openoffice meets with similar results - blank, # or squares again!
Is there any way to retrieve the information in the file?
Many thanks.
For the future, NEVER work on a file stored on a flash drive / USB memory stick. Instead copy the file to the computer to work on it, and when done copy it back. That way there is plenty of space for all the temp files that are needed by Word (and other applications.)
Here's something to look at:
If your MS Word file couldn't be open in lower version of Microsoft Office, then you can try a professional MS Word Recovery tool. So many tools are available in the market which can easily repair your word document. You can use one of them.
Try right clicking on the file, go into properties and see if there's a previous version of the file. If there is one, make a copy of the file and try to restore it. You can also try opening through a different template. Microsoft has a good step by step troubleshooting guide you can try, that covers a lot of the possible resolutions. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/918429
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