Feb 15, 2016

My phone was stolen, how do I backup photos and contacts? Can they be retrieved?

Samsung Galaxy 4
percy has a great answer just to add take a look at the following page for step by steps on the tracking of your phone. http://trendblog.net/how-to-track-your-lost-android-phone-without-tracking-app/

I would also suggest you at lease lock your phone, so no one can access your data. Instructions on how to do this through Google Device Manager http://visihow.com/Remotely_Lock_and_Wipe_Your_Samsung_Galaxy_S4
Step1: Try tracking through Android Device Manager Or

Step2: Was your phone signed into one of the "cloud" services? If you set up your Google account to sync contacts and backup photos, all that information should already be saved.
To Check, follow these steps Log into Gmail, check for you contacts, photos are auto backed into google's Photo service.
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