Feb 10, 2016

What are the minimum hardware requirements for a gaming PC?

I’ve always been primarily a console gamer, although I did play some PC games when I was in college. With the rise of Steam, I feel like I’m missing out by only playing on consoles for the past decade or so and would like to try going back to PCs. What kind of specs do I need for a basic, decent gaming PC? I don’t need to be able to play games like Witcher at the highest settings, but I would like to be able to see some improvement over PS4 and XBox One performance.
It really depends on the type of games you are looking to run. Also how good of a graphic experience are you looking to get, if you want to see shadows on moving object for example, you'd need a higher end video card with plenty of RAM to spare. Check out some of the minimum requirements for those games. In my personal opinion though it varies, you'll need a configuration similar to this:i7 CPU or similar AMD, Nvidia 2GB (or more) video card, 16 GB RAM.
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