Feb 01, 2016

Is there a way to connect a Xbox One to a non-HDMI compatible TV?

Alright; so recently, I bought a Xbox One off Amazon. Got it today, and everything is there and works just fine - I got to test it on a Samsung HDMI compatible TV. However, on my own television, which is an old Grundig, there is no HDMI input socket. In case you didn't know, the Xbox One console is only provided with a HDMI cable. So basically, I can't connect it to my TV.
Behing the screen, my TV has many sockets:
-five of them which are blue, white, green, red, orange (which looks like red)
-three of them which are red, yellow and white
-a bunch of other ones that don't seem relevant to me (I may be wrong)
My Xbox 360 had a similar problem, but I managed to find a converter cable! One end was connected to the five sockets firstly described (there also was a yellow end which isn't connected - but the audio and video work just fine). The other end, connected to the 360, isn't an HDMI tip; I'm not too sure what it is.
Do take into account that my Grundig TV is HD ready.
So, is there any way to connect my Xbox One to the TV? If you are to answer, which I hope you will, please be as accurate as you can as I'm not too comfortable with the subject.
Thanks in advance!
You can try it with a HDMI to Av adapter. Take a look at the video walkthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArcAmw5UvOY
There's also an older thread on this which covers some additional suggestions. http://www.idganswers.com/question/12186/how-to-connect-xbox-one-to-a-display-without-hdmi-input
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