Nov 17, 2011

How quickly will you adopt Windows 8?

The first details are starting to come out, even though it is a long time until launch. How quickly will you go over to Windows 8? There are still so many computers out there running XT that it seems many people are actively hostile to adopting a new OS. Now, I will concede after Vista that they may have a point. Are most people going to wait and see, or jump on the Windows 8 train when it arrives at the station?

I think it makes sense to wait until at least the first service pack is out. Moving to it before then might end up causing you some headaches, as we've seen with past updates to Windows. A cautious, slow approach is probably the best way to go.

Until that first service pack is out, stick with Windows 7 or whichever earlier version you are running.

Details are still trickling out, so I'm taking a wait and see approach.  One thing that I do find VERY appealing is the improved Windows Update process.  I'm sure we have all sat at our desks and stared at splash screens after a patch forced a restart.  And sat there.  And sat there.  Windows 8 is apparently going to only require restarts once per month, with each monthly security release.  In the big picture, this isn't a huge deal, and it won't make me run out for Windows 8 on day one, but I admit that I am very much looking forward to this change.



The other things that I'm really hopeful about are that Windows 8 will be inherently more secure than previous Windows versions (which I understand is a major design goal of MS) and support for ARM processors, which hopefully will broaden the hardware than can run the OS, and potentially bring hardware prices down. 


In the end, I will almost certainly take a wait and see approach.  I don't want to be an early adopter only to find out that the OS is seriously flawed - not that I necessarily expect that to be the case.  If I look into my crystal ball, a couple of months will probably pass after release so that others can find the flaws before I consider adopting it.   


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