Jan 28, 2016

Is it worth getting a Steam Machine instead of a PS4 of XBox One?

I’ve played games for years, both on PC and console. The past 10 years or so, I’ve stuck to consoles. I’ve owned PlayStations, Nintendo Gamecube and Wii, and XBoxes - I have just about zero brand loyalty. The main reason I switched to console was because it was so simple to get games to work properly. This wasn’t so true for PCs in the early 2000s when I more or less stopped playing on PCs and switched to consoles. Now there is the Steam Machine, which seems like a way to enjoy PC games without worrying about hardware so much, as well as being able to easily use it for living room “couch” play. Is the Steam Machine a better choice than a console?
In short from what I've see - not yet. The Steam controller is has a steep learning curve and is far from ideal. The OS currently doesn't allow access to many new and old games, putting it in a disadvantage.
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