Jan 27, 2016

How to stop Safari from crashing when I enter a search term in the address bar?

I’ve never experienced this before, but when I try to search for something from the address bar, it causes it to crash. Any ideas how to fix this?
Looks like there's been reports of this bug.
a workaround would be to use in private browsing or as MachaelConnell mentioned to disable suggestion. Here's how to this on a mac:
1.Open Safari
2.Click Safari in the status bar, then click Preferences
3.Click the Search tab
4.Under “Smart Search Field,” click “Include search engine recommendations” and “Include Safari Suggestions” to disable

Try turning off Safari Suggestions. It worked for some other people with the same problem: Settings>Safari>Safari Suggestions>Off.
Tap Settings > Safari then swipe down and tap Clear History & Website Data then restart your iPhone then try Safari.
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