Jan 26, 2016

How to fix black screen problem with Asus Windows 10 notebook?

Hi I own an Asus X450L Notebook with Windows 10 (upgraded). When I press the power button, it only shows a black screen with the cursor. I can get into BIOS. The cursor seems like its loading something but it doesn't go away even after for a long time. Please help my schoolwork is in there.
This is the main problem coming with windows 10 operating system. so if you are having such kind of problem with your computer. please restart your computer with safe mode and go to start up repair and run the repair.
once repair will be completed then you need to restart your again and this will start working fine.
See if you are able to login under safe mode. Also press F8, and go into startup repair. If the repair fails, try to do a system restore under one of the options. Make sure you read what you select carefully so you don’t lose your files.
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