Jan 25, 2016

How can a URL cause iPhones to crash?

There is a URL going around causes iPhones and (I think) the Safari browser to crash. How can just going to a website do this? Isn’t there some sort of protection against this built into the iPhone software?
the crashsafari.com page has been reported to crash safari on latest iPhones and Mac OS. Other browsers like Chrome have been reported to freeze as well. The site runs a small JavaScript code that accesses the History API in a loop, which causes the browser crash. As reported by 9to5mac, due to this bug being exploited as a prank and not causing any major harm to the device, it hasn't been a top priority for Apple. It will most likely be addressed in a future update. http://9to5mac.com/2016/01/25/safari-mac-iphone-ipad-crash/
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