Jan 24, 2016

Can you change carriers with an old iPhone 3?

Changing carriers on IPhone 3 that has no accessible SIM card, or none at all, to new carrier. I want to free an old "Iphone 3" and it has no SIM card that I know of (or can't access). Can you root IOs? It's my phone but I moved and Sprint doesn't work where I live.
I remember switching from Sprint (CDMA) to AT&T (GSM) to get an iPhone 3. There were no Sprint of Verison versions of the phone at that time. When I upgraded my iPhone, I gave it to my wife who put her T-Mobile (GSM) SIM in it and it worked great.

So I am pretty sure iPhone 3 is GSM (SIM) only.
I can't access to I cloud
The iPhone 3G has a SIM card tray at the bottom. It fits flush with the edge of the phone, and you need to use either a special apple "SIM eject tool" or a paperclip to open it. Insert the tool/paperclip into the little hole and it should pop right out.

As for the rooting question, you can do something similar to rooting called "jailbreaking" to an iPhone.
If you move to another CDMA provider such as Verizon you should be able to contact Sprint and have the phone unlocked. You won't be able to move the phone to a GSM provider.
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