Jan 23, 2016

How to fix problem with having no sound on Toshiba laptop running Windows 10?

First of all,i am sorry, If i could not explain it better.I purchased Toshiba laptop yesterday from best buy. today when i Have open it and tried to play music on my laptop. I have no sound in this. So i have tried to update the driver. but it is still not working. It has windows 10 operating system. I am not sure. what could be the problem. is this sound problem coming because of driver issue or there is a hardware issue with my laptop. Please help me.
Problem can be solve by installing the new driver on your computer. then this will start working fine.
Try to update your sound driver on your computer. this will start working fine.
People are having sound problem with their windows 10 toshiba laptop. all the time. This issue could be because of follow reasons:
1.sound is muted.
2. driver compatibility problem.
3. device is not installed.

So click on the sound icon and check, it is not muted. then you need to go ahead and download the latest version of sound driver and install it manually. this will start working fine. hope this will help you alot.
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