Jan 19, 2016

What does spooling mean when printing a document?

I’ve been trying to print a document on my old laptop that was recently upgraded to Windows 10. The document doesn’t print and when I check print status, it just says “spooling.” What does it mean when the document I’m trying to print is stuck “spooling,” and how can I avoid this problem?
It could mean that the margins of the document are too wide, therefore you have to click "allow" to print.
When you send a file to print, a temp copy gets created for the printer to use. There's many reasons a doc can be stuck in this state. I would start with restarting the print spooler, and also checking if other documents print ok.
To restart the print spooler:
Open Services through search or right click My Computer> Manage> Services and Applications > Services. Locate Print Spooler click restart. at this point try reprinting the document.

If you can't clear the stuck document, then Double click on the Print Spooler service and click Stop.
Navigate to %windir%\System32\spool\PRINTERS (you can paste this into windows explorer bar)
Delete any files within the folder.
Back in Services Start the Print Spooler.

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