Jan 18, 2016

How to resolve errors opening psd files?

Hey guys,

I had a problem in that some photoshop files got deleted permanently, then needed recovery, so i used a data recovery program to get them back, and most won’t open up.. a few will, and others you can see the preview, but most just say that there is some misc error and can’t open the file.

I’m assuming that after recovery, the file is not 100%, but is there a utility that will or has the potential to recover some of the image or even the layers?

I tried the one advanced photoshop recovery program 1.0 but it couldn’t do anything.

I have some of the files to test, but try are big 100MB+

Any advice?

Try opening the flattened file by holding down Alt+Shift when opening. If it opens it means that the layer info is corrupt or wasn't recovered.
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