Jan 12, 2016

Will a SSD offer any speed improvement with only a SATA 1 connection?

I know that there are not many examples where this situation will arise, but there is at least one - the PS3's HDD is easily replaceable, lots of great games are now available for really cheap, and the price of SSDs has come down. However, the PS3 only has a SATA 1 connection. Will a SSD offer any speed improvement over a HDD with that SATA 1 bottleneck?
SATA 1 will certainly limit the maximum speed of an SSD as it's maximum throughput is far behind what modern SSD's can handle.

However the real benefit of an SSD over a HDD isn't the sequential speed but rather what's often referred to as the 4K random read rate. The average read a computer does is only 4Kb in size, the size of the millions of little files required to load programs, check file system entries, etc. Since SSDs have no moving parts to contend with their random read rate is almost instantaneous. SATA 1 will have little effect on the 4K read rate, so you'll still see substantial increase in program and OS load times.
It will boost the performance, but it's far away behind if you used an SATA 2 port.
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