Jan 05, 2016

How can I prove my bf is tracking me, my phone and my house?

He just acts stupid when asked about these things. But by the info hes telling me, he has to know. He has two led flash lights, a Windows 8.1 and backs up info on office365, icloud, here drive, AT&T Microsoft account 28th navigation. I'm a little creaped out bc he lies and says hes never downloaded any of these!! And plus he can't log in to any of these?? 😕 crazy?? Huh?? Help? I need answer to help me catch him!!!
Guy here. Why the heck are you dating someone who you say lies to you and you suspect of spying on you. That's unfathomable to me - it's a voluntary relationship, and if someone is so jealous and insecure that they really are spying on you and lying about it, it's only going to get worse with time.

I would change my passwords to something unknown (no pet names, children names, or birthdays) and enable 2-factor authentication on all of your account immediately. It won't help you catch someone spying, but it should make it much more difficult. I suppose you could add some false information, like talking about a trip to someplace that doesn't exist, and see if he brings it up.
Maybe try a nanny cam?
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