Nov 15, 2011

Why do developers get fired?

What are the most common reasons software developers are fired from their jobs?


Section Leads and Managers often make "pie-in-the-sky" promises up the chain and when delivery time is due, a slew of excuses comes out.  It's a lot easier to fire developers, than to get rid of incompetent management.   


An older article from Datamation, but worth a read. I agree with this statement completely: 



A second reason developers are shown the door is that they aren’t communicating the great results of their work. If you think cranking out tons of code from the safe confines of your cubicle will ensure your job security, think again. You have to promote your work.




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Hi maverick,

That's a tough question to answer, since each situation might be different. However, here's an article that looks at the causes of poor software quality. We can extrapolate from this article why some software developers might do a poor job and thus warrant being fired.

Top Five Causes of Poor Software Qualit

"Poor quality is not an inevitable attribute of software. It results from known causes. It can be predicted and controlled, but only if its causes are understood and addressed.
With more critical business processes being implemented in software, quality problems are a primary business risk. I’ll discuss five primary causes of poor software quality and how to mitigate their damaging effects using methods other than brute testing."
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