Dec 23, 2015

How to protect privacy in wake of Congress passing the CISA (Cyberspace Information Sharing Act)?

Congress snuck CISA into the omnibus budget bill.despite widespread opposition by tech companies and privacy advocates, What do we need to do differently in the wake of CISA granting the government expansive abilities to monitor...aka spy on...Americans' online activity?
Honestly, the best way would be to use a VPN at all time and encrypt every device you own - phone, computers...all of it. The truth is, it's almost impossible to truly maintain your privacy. The government can subpoena your email accounts and read through them if they wish, so that's not really secure. They also argue that you have no legal privacy rights to your online activity, because your ISP keeps that as business records. Really, unless you are using TOR and a VPN, you are going to be exposed if the NSA wants to see what you are doing.
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