Dec 23, 2015

What’s the difference between Mint and Ubuntu?

Is there a major difference between these two versions of Linux? I’m looking to try something other than Windows, so I’m thinking of giving either Mint or Ubuntu a try. I assume Ubuntu is more newbie friendly, but that’s just speculation really. Which would be better as a first Linux experience?
I started out with Ubuntu, but switched to Mint after Ubuntu crashed with Unity, etc.
Mint Mate has been my choice, after trying many, many other Linux distros.
Hi, speaking from experience. I tried Ubuntu back in 2006, stayed with it for 5 months then found Mint. Been with Mint ever since.
LifeHacker has a great side by side comparison of Mint vs Ubuntu for beginners:
Here's and InfoWorld article that has some of people commenting on why the prefer one to the other:
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