Dec 23, 2015

How do I get a Google Express membership?

My local paper ran a story on Google Express, a Google service somewhat like Amazon Prime that offers same day delivery on items you buy online. What they didn’t includes was any sort of instruction on how you sign up for Google Express. Do I need a membership, and if so, is there a charge for it?
The membership is paid after the initial 3 month free, you pay $10 per month or $95 per year depending on what you select. Here are some details:
Google Express members enjoy:
•Fast, free delivery on eligible orders*
•Shared membership with someone in your household
•3-month free trial for new customers**
•Cold grocery & alcohol delivery starting at $2.99 per store (coming soon to some San Francisco and Los Angeles addresses)

To sign up for membership:
•Web: Visit your "My account" page, then click Membership. Click Sign up for Membership, and follow the steps from there.
•Mobile: Tap the Menu button at the upper left of your screen, or swipe right to open the left drawer, then tap Settings. Select Membership, and follow the steps from there.
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