Nov 15, 2011

Who's got their Kindle Fire yet?

I'm waiting on hearing from some folks before I go and order one.  Reviews seem to be kind of a mixed bag:






Kindle Fire is cool, it is all worth having it, I got mine with free case from kekacase during the time I purchased.

Hi Westminster,

I seriously considered buying one, but I decided to skip it. I have an iPad 1 that meets all of my tablet needs and I'm not sure the smaller screen of the Kindle Fire would serve me well. I like the viewing space of my iPad 1.

I also own a Kindle eink reader. So I don't really need a Kindle Fire for ebooks (plus the iPad also has the Amazon Kindle app on it). I still like the Kindle Fire, I might consider getting a future version of it.

But for right now, I'll stick with my iPad 1.
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