Nov 15, 2011

What are you doing to keep Duqu from affecting your network?

There have many stories about Duqu, and how sophisticated of a security threat it is. It has been on TV news, in tech magazines, pretty much everywhere. Are you taking any special precautions to specifically to keep Duqu from affecting your company network, or your home PC for that matter?

Hi bralphye,

I run Linux and Mac OS X, so it's not a problem for my computers. However, it's certainly good to be aware of it. Computer World has a pretty good FAQ about Duqu that you might want to read.

FAQ: What's the big deal about Duqu?

" The recently discovered Duqu Trojan has received considerable attention from the security research community. Here's why. What is Duqu? It's a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) that is designed to steal data from computers it infects. It was discovered by the Laboratory of Cryptography and Systems Security (CrySys) at Budapest University.

RATs are pretty common these days. Why is so much attention to Duqu? Duqu is believed to have been created by the same people who wrote Stuxnet, the worm that was used to disrupt operations at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility last year. A lot of security analysts believe that it is a precursor to the next Stuxnet and poses a grave threat to the industrial control systems that manage equipment at critical infrastructure facilities such as power plants and water treatment facilities."


I think a lot of the concern is driven by the press at the moment.  We installed the hotfix that Microsoft released last week.  Other than that, we have just followed our standard security practices.  All of our updates are current, but that is SOP.  Hopefully, this will be sufficient for the moment, but I am aware that there are a few duqu specific steps we could also take.  It seems that duqu has had quite specific targets, and since we aren't in the nuclear power business or industrial control manufacturers, I think we are ok.  Also, from what I understand, Duqu has essentially ran its course, and was only active for a set period last August.  I realize that there may be subsequent variables, but the alarm has been sounded and the weaknesses exploited by Duqu identified.


If you are really worried about it, I saw that there is a free Duqu detector available.



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