Nov 14, 2011

How much of a security threat is social media to your business and what do you do about it?

It seems more and more common for site such as Facebook (and by that I really mean primarily Facebook) to be used as a vehicle for attempts to infect our computers. I would go so far as to rate it one of our top 5 security issues. Has this been a serious problem at your company, and what are you doing to mitigate the risks?




The socila media sites like facebook, twitter G plust etc. they are the giant of social networking. They are allways trying to give security for users. They are doing implement of their technolgoy and working hard to give best and safe services to their users.





Not all social media advertising is effective, sometimes you invest but nothing will return back, and the worst it can even affect the entire marketing process. To get rid of possible issues, I guess prior to marketing over social medias, you have to have unique and creative ideas, know your business very well, and most of all you need someone to drive that advertising techniques. Seek naming agency or branding expert, before doing all these so they can advice and give you whatever possible ideas you can do.



I've seen an increasing number of attacks via Facebook.  Users seem to leave their security sense behind when they are on facebook, and all too often blindly click merrily away at any attachment they see.  I think a lot of people just feel comfortable because the apparent source of malware is a friend or acquaintance, and they don't apply the same level of skepticism that they might on other sites.   Defensio for Facebook is a good way to intercept malicious links for the unwary.


We took it seriously enough to implement a new security policy to deal with the issue - no Facebook.  We are not alone in our concerns apparently:    



Hi jlister,

Here's a good article about social media safety and businesses. It has 5 tips that businesses might find helpful in dealing with potential social media security issues.

Social Media Security: How Safe is Your Business?

"Social media security and privacy are hot issues in the web marketing world right now. Many companies are (finally) becoming more aware of the business risks associated with social media and are adopting social media policies for their employees.

A recent security threat report by Sophos, an internet security company, has shown that many businesses are aware of this issue, even if they're not all taking many effective steps to protect themselves."
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