Nov 14, 2011

How much of an improvement is iOS 5.0.1 in your iPhone battery life?

I would think that there has been enough time since people updated their iPhone's iOS to see how much of a difference it made.  I'm ready for a 4S, but I'm also generally a little reluctant to jump in at release.  Are you noticing much of a change in battery life since Apple released the iOS5.0.1 update?  


It didn't make much of a noticeable difference either for good or ill to me.  I'm sure that some people are having problems with batter life just from the amount of conversation on the subject, but I have not had that issue with my 4S.  I charge my iPhone every night, and so far I have yet to exhaust the battery even with pretty heavy use throughout the day at my office (where I use WiFi almost exclusively for internet connectivity).   When I'm not online for strictly work related reasons, I'm listening to music (or talking to Siri), and I get over 8 hours without a problem.  Again, I'm not discounting that some new 4S users are experiencing battery issues, and I may just be lucky.


It almost looks like a coin flip as to whether someone will have battery life issues with a 4S or not.  Geek.com has an article noting that they didn't experience the issue, while acknowledging that there are many reports from people who are.  http://www.geek.com/articles/mobile/is-ios-5-0-1-battery-drain-20111111/



Hi pcaulfield,

I've got an iPhone 4, not an iPhone 4S. I'm not seeing much of a difference. However, I didn't seem to have the issues that the folks with the iPhone 4S had in the first place. Hopefully they are seeing at least a little better performance now.

Cult of Mac had an article about it and they weren't very upbeat about the update:

iOS 5.0.1 Won’t Fix Your Battery Life, But It Will Forget Your Contacts
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