Nov 10, 2011

With Flash for mobile already going away, what's to keep the same thing from happening to Silverlight?

Ok, so by now we all know Steve Jobs was right about Flash for mobile platforms, even though I didn't believe Adobe would give up on it until I read it myself. Now there are articles popping up predicting the end of Silverlight as well. Is HTML5 going to sound the death knell for Silverlight too, or is its' demise being greatly exaggerated?



With the Silverlight 5 due to be released in a couple of weeks, we can expect to see it around for a year or two more.  I think that Microsoft is obligated to support it for at least a year after it is launched.  


However, I would bet that Silverlight mobile (or whatever it is that Microsoft calls the version for Windows Phone) follows Flash into the dustbin.  Microsoft has nowhere near the level of adoption for Silverlight that Flash did for mobile platforms, and I think it has one of the same significant issues that hurt Flash - it is not as energy efficient as HTML5 on mobile platforms.  I don't see any reason why HTML5 won't become the de facto standard in the near future.  


My guess is, yes. I think Microsoft will get rid of it at some point. It doesn't seem to have been a raging success anyway. So why bother to fight on with it? It's just another distraction from their core businesses.

I suppose they might keep it for a while longer, but I don't see it lasting over time. I could be wrong, however. Microsoft is Microsoft so they have the $$$$$$ to stick to their guns for as long as they want.

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